Integrating the past with the future

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CoSTAR is installed on thousands of systems used worldwide in a wide range of industries and markets. Our users are constantly improving their ROI, while keeping cost of improvement under control. These systems run a range of applications, many of which are subject to regulatory and compliance issues. We have continued to develop our synergistic products to provide an exceptional portfolio of tools for the Enterprise and Legacy systems marketplace.

The CoSTAR family of products delivers:

  • Real time access to Enterprise and legacy applications, integrated with contemporary Windows oriented services and programs.
  • Integrated data management systems with a high level of access security.
  • Critical data services through secure thin clients, including CiTRiX and WTS.
  • Tools to make it easier to meet federal, state, and local compliance regulations.

Facilitating integration of your applications

  • CoSTAR host integration features allow you to tightly integrate your enterprise applications with contemporary desktop window applications.

CoSTAR Features

CoSTAR does a terrific job with creating a windows interface for your legacy application, BUT that’s only the beginning...

We are not just another pretty face on your legacy application. The real power within the CoSTAR product line is in how we integrate your host based applications with contemporary Windows based applications including SQL, Exchange and Excel.

CoSTAR integration gives you the power to:

  • Enable high-end Windows / Windows Application integration without expensive re-writes or porting of your core legacy application.
  • Connect databases. CoSTAR gives you ability to access and display data from independent data sources in the same window as data from legacy or proprietary databases.
  • Provide the ability to share information and business logic between previously non-integrated systems such as market and supplier applications, as well as legacy databases and Microsoft implementations. Most legacy applications go through business case calculations before they display data. CoSTAR has the singular ability to share this business logic within the same window as your Microsoft implementation.
  • Perform multi sessioning. CoSTAR gives you the ability to perform ADO or DAO calls to an ODBC compliant database and to interact that data with the legacy, proprietary database, all within the CoSTAR Window environment.
  • Use Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE) between your legacy application and emerging Windows based path.