Clearview has developed a powerful tool to bridge existing applications to emerging technologies. Rewriting applications are business disruptive, expensive and time consuming, not to mention risky.

Until now, when adding functionality to your existing applications, you must be prepared to rewrite your business logic and duplicate workflow procedures. Clearview has developed a unique software product to do ‘application mining’, which avoids the rewrite of business logic or the duplication of workflow.


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CoSTAR is installed on thousands of systems used worldwide in a wide range of industries and markets. Our users are constantly improving their ROI, while keeping cost of improvement under control. These systems run a range of applications, many of which are subject to regulatory and compliance issues. We have continued to develop our synergistic products to provide an exceptional portfolio of tools for the Enterprise and Legacy systems marketplace.

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We are applications engineers who understand the challenges facing organizations who are dependent on their business applications to effectively compete in a global economy. We deliver a powerful bridge to existing applications and emerging technologies with an emphasis on keeping costs down, minimizing business interruption, and maximizing the effectiveness of emerging technologies.

We are confident that Clearview will be a solution provider that will protect and extend your software assets in a cost effective manner. We look forward to servicing our current customers and developing new customer relationships.

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