Clearview Software is a provider of Software Development Services for corporate mission-critical software. We specialize in providing professional software development for companies requiring Software-as-a-Service cloud based and mobile applications. Additionally, our products include application and development tools designed to leverage your existing Information Technology assets.

Headquartered in the USA with offices in Great Britain, Clearview has helped corporations across the globe to work more effectively and securely. If your IT needs include reducing Total Cost of Ownership, maximizing Return on Investment and a rapid go to market objective, I invite you to explore our Web site and to contact us for more information.

Clearview has:

  • 85+ employees
  • 5 project managers (7+ years of experience)
  • 8 team leaders (5+ years of experience)
  • 50+ programmers (avg 2-5 years of experience)
  • 10+ testers (avg 2-3 years of experience)

Experienced IT service provider

  • Experience spanning more than 35 years
  • World-leading customer base
  • Multi-platform, cross language and culture boundary
  • Additional skills in Multi-Value Database applications

High quality

  • Advanced project management skill
  • Dedicated QA team for all projects
  • Embrace industrial quality system and process
  • ISO 9001:2000: achieved by end of March, 2007
  • ISO 27001: achieved by end of June, 2008
  • CMMI Level 3: achieved by end of April, 2008

Talented team

  • Broad range of expertise and development skill
  • Trained in new technologies and processes